Tuesday, 8 May 2012

http://www.sigmabeauty.com/?Click=258743 Hi Guys remember I said that I'll be back!? Im back. Im here to talk about how Im part of the Sigma Affiliate program. Im so lucky that they have chosen me to be a part of this program because I've always wanted to try Sigma Brushes. It's very high quality and Im super keen on trying the flattop kabuki they have sent me as a gift! I wish I had some photos to show you but I made a big dent in my wallet yesterday at Sephora. I bought a few things from Stila, a few things from Philosophy and very excited about the Rachel K CC cream that I got! I am also loving Organix conditioners and shampoos they smell so nice! Anyhoo it's bedtime....I will post photos soon! xoxo C
Hi Guys....I know I know it's almost been a year since I last posted but what a year. I left 2am dessert bar half a year ago and now am at Bistro Soori heading up the pastry side. It's still very rustic now but hopefully it will get better with time. I am as usual very tired!. Good news is I am part of the Sigma program... I am in love with their brushes! I will post some new things up as I have bought a lot of new things lately and would love to share with all of you! Sorry for being MIA for the past year! xoxoo Cathy

Monday, 15 August 2011


This is my 30th bday cake.... Sigh im getting old...

Sorry It has been so long. It's been one FULL year. I'm writing this as I've been in Singapore for one year.

My thoughts? I love Singapore..but there have been some shady moments. ANYHOO

My good friends came from Taipei to visit me and I was so happy as it was my Singapore anniversary. We went to Marina Bay Sands, and it was a lot of fun, we went shopping then we went to New Asia (bar) in Swisshotel. Next week im going back to Taipei for a 2 week much needed vacation. What am I gonna do there? go shopping and eating of course.

Mainly i need to stock up on masks and cosmetics and food because it's uber expensive here in Singapore.



Thursday, 18 November 2010


So it's officially ben 3 months. Singapore. Wow.I can't believe I can deal with this shit weather but hey! i managed. The worst thing has happenend to me yesterday as wallet was stolen. I have to replace my whole life! this really sucks! anyways,besides that I have so much catering and weddings that I have no time to do anything. I barely have time to get some shut eye!. IT's horrible but I love what I do. This insane cake I made.

my coworkers and I being silly as usual!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Alright Here is Part 3 of my Blog Sale!

Same rules apply as the previous sales. I accept PayPal only, and yadda yadda please correspond with me and first come first serve. What's new is! I'm not responsible for any damages with the mail service, and I have to raise the shipping cost to $7 dollars flat rate because shipping from Taipei really is a bitch! In addition to offset paypal's retarded fees. Thanks for understanding. My email is cathy889@hotmail.com and please email me first to tell me what you would like. Here goes! part 3.... (of many more)PLEASE CORRESPOND WITH ME BY EMAIL (PRIORITY) twitter and commenting is hard for me to keep track of. Thank you kindly.

Bobbi Brown Eye shadow single in Gunmetal $10USD

Bobbi Brown eye shadow single in Ivy $10 USD

Bobbi Brown eye shadow single in Sterling $10 USD

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Apricot BNIB $29 USD

Anna Sui Lip Rouge G in 302 BNIB $18USD

Anna Sui Purple Liquid Liner $8 USD

MAC Dame Edna Highlight Powder in SPECTACLE! BNIB $25 USD (SOLD)

NARS eyeshadow Duo in Mediteranee $15USD (SOLD)

Nars eye shadow single in Baby Girl $10 USD (SOLD)

DiorSnow Foundation Powder in Ivory 010 (I'm an NC15-20) $25USD BNIB

MAC eyeshadow single in Purple Haze $10USD BNIB

MAC Tendertone in Honey Bare $15USD BNIB (sorry I love this very much lol)(SOLD)

MAC Studio Sculpt in NW15 $20 (swatched once)

Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Colour in Smoked Glass $11USD (SOLD)

Stila Contour Kit $20USD

Stila Convertable Colour in Gladiola $8USD

Benefit Miss Popularity $18USD BNIB

Too Faced Galaxy Glam eye shadow in Super Nova BNIB $18USD

Lunasol High Stylized Mascara in Aqua Bronze (not black) BNIB sealed $10USD

Shiseido Maquillage eyeshadow single in GD874 $8USD

J+W Cross 6 Taiwanese lashes BNIB $8USD (pending)

Revlon Mix Gloss $6USD BNIB

thanks guys! please check back for part 4 coming up shortly, and unless noted all items in previous sales are still avail.

Ciao and bisous!


Tuesday, 8 June 2010

HOLLA! Blog Sale Pt.2 (of 10)

This is kinda a boring part of the blog sale but keep on watching cuz the exciting stuff is about to happen in a week or so.
The same rules apply from the previous sale.
I accept paypal only, and first come first serve basis.Please send $ first, and then I shall send product registered mail the following day. Please contact me through my personal email : cathy889@hotmail.com
everything is quoted in US dollars, and shipping is $5 dollars USD flat rate.
I ship to the US,Canada, Western Europe, and the Asian countries I listed previously.(Due to postal tracking)

OK HERE GOES part 2 !!!!!!!!!!!

MAC Dark Influence Rich Metal Highlighter ($12USD BNIB)

MAC Royal Flush Pigment($12 USD BNIB)

MAC Hot Contrast Mineralize Duo Shadow ($11USD BNIB)

MAC Mineralize Blush in Nuance ($13USD BNIB)(SOLD)

L-R MAC eyeshadow in Aquavert and Bright Future swatched only ( $6USD)

MAC Lipstick in Pop Circle ($9USD BNIB)

Mac Pigment in Naked ($8USD)(SOLD)

Stila Malibu Barbie Palette Brand New ($15USD)

Stila 4Pan palette ($9USD)SOLD

SK-II Highlight Powder ($10USD)(sold)

Etude Lipstick in Strawberry Milk BNIB ($7USD)(sold)

MUFE Star Powder ($8USD)

Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Colour in Ruby Romantic ($11USD)(SOLD)

Maquillage Cheek colour in RD312 (BNIB) ( $10USD)(SOLD)

There is so much more to come, and remember please email me first!

thanks! and see u again in a few days ( BTW all the items in last sale are still avail unless noted)

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


As you all know I am trying to sell my makeup since Im trying to move, and so I am doing this in baby steps. I feel very overwhelmed by selling everything all at once, so please have patience with me! ^^

So here are the rules I guess for my mini Nars sale part one.
Please send $ first, I only accept paypal.
Only sending to US, UK, and East Asia.(Singapore, HK, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, China,Taiwan)
I am quoting in US dollars
Flat rate shipping (registered) is $5.00 US (unfortunately it just costs more for me to ship from Taiwan)
First come first serve basis, and please correspond with me first.
DUOS- $15 USD, Singles $10 USD (pretty good condition) (used less then 5 times)
Thank you!

Here goes!

South Pacific SOLD, Persepolis SOLD Island Fever (duo)(SOLD)

April Fools(SOLD), Elsa(sold), Caravaggio(sold) (duo)

Grenadines(SOLD), Lulu(SOLD), (singles)

Demon Lover (duo)SOLD
Merci Beaucoup !!

Please correspond with me through my email : cathy889@hotmail.com

ciao bellas!