Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Hi my loves!

OK 1 Million and 1 apologies for lack of posts. Cannot catch up with life, as im sure you've all experienced before. Some news of me? I've had a really really borderline swineflu like flu that just wouldn't go away. I've made some videos here and there, but otherwise, I've stayed at home really. I am currently living at my parents house now, as I get too lonely in my apartment. This friday I'm going shopping with Pru and it will again be bargain shopping! Oh...and I'm going to HK for a few days. As soon as I round up more peeps to go with me..im off to Egg Tart +Dim Sum land! yipppppppppie

(FYI my brother lives in HK..so technically I'm going to visit my familia)

on another note: I am lovinggggg the new Nars Orgasm Illuminator
Can't wait to get my hands on it!

I am gonna do a video soon on Nars Orgasm ..which one to chose ( out of the 5 avail)

love u lots everyone and thanks for all the support throughout the years


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  1. Can´t wait for the Orgasm Illuminator! Thanks for sharing!