Monday, 31 August 2009

So here ya go!!!

I know some of you guys must wonder ...what I look like and what kind of stuff I do other then work, and make youtube videos!! So as requested!..I shall put up some of my recent photos out and give u all more a lil info on Caffy!!!

Photo of me and Theresa ( my coworker and flatmate..well tenant if u wanna be accurate) and Ben my good friend from HK.

Connie and Tina my 2 good friends at SPARK being silly wearing glasses.

Oh...Clive, Thomas and Theresa and MOI at Barcode having a drink..and me looking mighty tipsy ;-)

here's some more info about me..randomness if u will....

Name: Caffy
Age: 28 oh shucks..Im' old and I look it I know I know...*cough cough*
Job: Pastry chef
Ppl I admire: My parents, Michael Jackson, Francois Nars, Joel Robuchon(of course)and Ferran Adria.
Things that pisses me off: Ppl that have absolute no common sense. Princess Disease.Spoiled girls that are GOLD Diggers!
Phone of choice: Iphone! <3
Shoes: Gucci!! of course la....
Makeup: Nars! <3 my one love. ( esp. Surabaya, and night breed)
Fav kind of Ice cream: Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia.
Kinda guys I like: hmm... I prefer HK guys!! loh.. that are funny <3 keke
Kinda girls I like to hang out with: easy-going is key!!!! if u wanna be in my crew u gotta be chill <3
Thing I'm most afraid of: being paralyzed and cockroaches.
Thing that I'm most proud of: being an aunt to my babies Megan and Chloe.
Greatest Acheivements: graduating C.I.A and Le Cordon Bleu ;-p
Most embarrasing moment: Getting drunk at UNI and falling asleep in the bushes by the beach.
Favourite fruit: Peaches and nectarines. I'm a stone fruit kinda person. Oh and Mangoes. did u know??? that mangoes are in the pistachio family???
Favourite phrase: Common sense is not so common eh?
Place I want to visit: Singapore and Korea.
Place I want to end up again: I wanna work back in Hawaii. Alan Wong's again!
Favourite movie: LOTR I'm a TOTAL nerd like that.

that's all for now kids... i'll add on more to each blog entry! hope I didn't bore ya!


Just got home.... was a busy day!!! I just got home from buying some kitchen stuff! I got 3 knives today...

1- 4star 2 Zwilling Henkels 8 " chef knife
1- 4star 2 Zwilling Henkels serated paring knife
1-Kyocera 6" slicing knife

I prefer 4 star then the 5 star...I have small hands...tee hee!!

I LOVE THEM..thanks to my mom.. Now I am a life-time member of Zwilling Henkels. I know I know..most of u all will think that Henkels is a bunk brand..but hey I've been using their knives for the past 10 years and I love it. It's all just personal preference really.

Anyways.... after that I went to play badminton! Badminton was my favourite sport back in high school. Now I am super pooped and I will go study for my demonstration exam for... L'Atelier. There I said it. <3 Miss u all!

Sunday, 30 August 2009


YES i know..I'm late on watching this pixar animation. IT's such a touching story and I cried...I watched it with my god parents... Please go and watch it! and ohhh that old grampa is just so cute, makes me wanna go "help and elderly person"!!! ( you'll get this joke after u watch this film! Now go go go watch it!!

Saturday, 29 August 2009


So I was reading Dollyblush's blog and she did a MAC Im gonna follow in da footsteps and do it too!!!

How long have you been using Mac?
Since I was 15? That is like 13 years. A very long time.
What was your first Mac product?
Pervette Lipstick, and LUST a blue shimmery lipstick.(discountinued)
What's your all time favourite Mac product?
Mac Beautymarked eyeshadow.
What's your least favourite Mac product?
Thehit or miss qualities of their eyeshadows.
Do you own a Pro Card?
Your Mac foundation shade:
Your favourite Mac-Foundation:
Mac face and body, Mineral.
Beautymarked, Tempting, Romp, Omega, Seedling, Coquete, Wedge, Woodwinked, Espresso....
Myth, Honeylove, Lavender Whip
I don't like to use their lipglasses...really.but if I gotta choose, it's the plushglasses.
Smolder eye kohl

Nail Lacquer:
don't use.
Pro Product:
Mac Glitter in crystalled purple.
Prep + Prime Skin:
Don't like.
Full Coverage Foundation:
don't like.
Studio Sculpt Foundation:
don't like
Face + Body Foundation:
love..but wish they had more...colours.
Mineralized Satin Finish:
a bit too shiny.
Studio Fix Fluid:
too heavy.
Hyper Real Foundation:
to shimmery
Select SPF15 Foundation:
never used
Studio Tech Foundation:
ehh mediocre.
Studio Fix Powder:
too heavy.
Studio Stick:
never used
Hyper Real Pressed Foundation:
never used, never heard of it either~ lol!
Beauty Powder:
ok la. what's the real dif?
Sculpting Powder:
too matte
Shaping Powder:
it cracked.
Loose Blot Powder:
never used
Pressed Blot Powder:
love this stuff.. on my tzone.
Mineralized Skin Finish Natural:
Its very heavy I find..but!!! it gives my skin a great finish.
Minieralized Skin Finish:
I got 1 never used yet.
Bronzing Powder:
too orange.
Powder Blush:
well dressed, sincere, emote, dollymix.
Mineralize Blush:
moon river my only one. oh and nuance.
Gel Blush:
Cream Color Base:
love fabulush, and bamboo (pro)
Studio Sculpt Concealer:
Lip Erase:
never used.
Tinted Lip Conditioner:
I have pink fish
none I love.
See Thru Lip Color:
never used
I have baby sparks it sucks.
Cremesheen Glass:
never used.
Lip Gelee:
too watery for me!
Lip Pencil:
don' reall use it.
Solar Bits:
BRonzeescape! love this stuff.. IT's like metallic bronze liquid.
Nail Lacquer:
comme ci comme ca
oh..threw those out.!
bare canvas
Paint Pots:
painterly and groundwork
Eye Shadow:
LOVE!beautymarked and seedling!
antiqued gold reflects
crystaled purple.
it's just ok..prefer BB
Liquid Last Liner:
this is the devil.
Lustre Drops:
never used
False Lashes:
love them!
What has been your favourite Mac collection to date?
Dame Edna it was just too cute!
Which Mac collection, in your opinion, do you think was disappointing, if any?
Hello Kitty.
What products do you think Mac are missing? Duos (shadow) more permanent palettes.

happy happy!!

A lil bit of Nars and a lil bit of MAC = a lot of LOVE

HI babies!!! ( that's a term of endearment for all my friends)
Ok I strolled over to Nars today cuz I was in the area..and I promised myself that I would calm down this season until anniversary sale BUT I GUESS I WAS WRONG. I bought 2 things from Nars today cuz I just couldn't resist. After watching Lollipop26's blog I needed and dreamed of getting my hands on FEZ single eyeshadow. I didn't get it last time was because it was too similar to Galapagos. I WAS WRONG.!!!! Remember how much I love Dior Beige Massai 705? the Middle gorgeous bronzey colour? I was upset that it was a limited quad..but now FEZ has replaced that because it's an exact dupe of that gorgeous deep warm bronze colour. I love it to death. !! Another thing I got was the Irresisteblement bronzer. I thought Laguna and Casino are always the popular ones and I guess the new guy needs some lovin' right? It's a more natural bronzer, like a Terracotta glow. It reminds me of Guerlain's terracotta bronzer, but more of a natural bronze glow without massive amounts of pearlescent in it. For me as part albino, bronzers are hard to find, but I definately give this one 2 thumbs up. It warms up my cool skintone, and it's light with just the right amounts of "bronze" also none of that shimmer that I hate in the summer.

THEN I hopped on over to see and still didn't want to get anthing from the MAC MAC collection. Too colourful for my tastes. BUT what did catch my eye was the MA's perfectly contoured eyes. I asked her what she used and she took the time and did my makeup!! There I bought Espresso, and a new Starflash shadow in Grand entrance. The reason I got these two was how you can create the perfect contoured eye with a dark shade and then a shimmery shade. Espresso is a dark , coffee grounds matte eyeshadow. The Grand Entrance eyeshadow is a highly shimmery toasty hazelnut shade. I love them. Then since I got my botox done again yesterday my face was feeling very swollen and I got the mineral skinfinish natural in medium dark. THIS IS THE PERFECT CONTOURING POWDER/BRONZER. This reminds me of a more wearable LAGUNA minus all the shimmer. I love this..... I am in love... This powder is great cuz it's not that dull matte powder. It's the perfect shade of us pale girls but it has a slight sheen to it! all in all im in love. I also got some fabulous new lashes. Lashes makes me happy! The one thing that can cure my sadness sometimes is if I get a new kickin' pair of flirtateous lashes like these.. *sigh* now it's time to make more money so I can feed da habit. Love u all!!! and please check out my videos on YT for more updates and tutorials and also reviews.

Wan An..... XOXO


Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Products I'm Using !!

So I saw this post by my favourites Lollipop26 and Bubblegarm and decided ...I think everyone should do this right??? here goes! A lil insight to what I'm using currently.. ( and if you really know me I switch it up a lot!)

Products I'm using right now!

Shampoo & Conditioner: Lush Daddy-o (purple shampoo) and Paul Mitchel Lemon and Sage thickening conditioner. I love it so much and it smells great! and i think my roomate has secretly been using it as well !

Shower Gel: Body Shop Moringa (sp?) shower gel. Got it as a gift trying to use it up! Trying to hurry through it so I can use my Lush Yummy shower gel! (smells like Strawberries and Cream)

Styling products: Sebastien Potion 9 or Lucidol hair cream. I don't do my hair nicely...unfortunately.

Body moisturiser: Body Shop spray on moisterizer in coconut.

Deodorant: Rexona cool white spray.

Fake Tan: No one tans here, and no one sells fake tanner. LOL

Skincare: This varies... I use Libertage wrinkle cream, Nars eye cream, Clinique SPF eyecream, Estee Lauder Firming day cream, and Creme Ancienne by Fresh at night. Gosh Im a mess. Just trying to use up some products so I can correctly use a regime.

Primer: Lavshuca makeup base.

Foundation: Kryolan Ultrafoundation in Alabaster..or Giorgio Armani in 04

Foundation brush: don't use one.

Concealer: Bobbi Brown tinted eye brightener (trying to use it up) or my trusty cle de peau.

Powder: Lavshuca lucent powder

Blusher: I am loving cream blushes now ..Stila convertable in Gladiola and I love MJ's blushes the strawberry pink one.. oh oh forgot my canmake PW20 love it. Funny as I'm a nars girl i never seem to use enuff nars!

Bronzer: Canmake bronzer ( dual bronzer)

Highlighter: I don't highlight

Eyeshadow base: Too faced shadow insurance on a good day!

Eyeshadows: I swich all the time, but i keep coming back to Dior Beige Massai 705 palette, Nars Surabaya, Nars Holiday 2008 palette, Nars galapagos, Mac seedling, and mac beautymarked.

Eyeliner: I like liquid liners and lately been using Integrate liquid felt tip liner.

Curler: Koji

Mascara: Covergirl Lash Blast
Lipstick: hmm I love Mac's Blankety right now, and Angel.

Lipgloss: I love you Gosh cool lip jam! (blue one) too bad I can't get it in Taiwan.

Nail Colour: Don't do nails...

I hope you all get a chance and do this post!

Love u all byee! and sorry for the absence!