Monday, 15 March 2010

So...another haul.....

Wow...I amazed myself today, as I didn't go crazy at the drugstore or at Sephora. At London Drugs, I picked up Revlon's photoready foundation in Vanilla, Revlon tinted brow wax, and Garnier fructis detangling spray. I mainly got the revlon foundation because of the massive raves about it, and I got the colour slightly darker to give me some "warmth" I have to say nothing compares to my beloved Giorgio Armani foundation. At Sephora I REALLY wanted to go crazy. I wanted the Smashbox kit

and the Benefit Legally Bronze

BUT!!!!! it's like 40% more expensive here in Canada, plus the damn tax we pay I had to put it down. Although I can get these back in Taiwan, sephora always excites me and I just want to get everything in the store. Instead, I left the store with some tweezerman pink tweezers, 2 sephora eye brushes and Urban Decay Stardust shadow in Diamond Dog. I've been lemming it for so long so I broke down and finally bought it.

Sorry for the stock photos!! but I think Sephora does a better job! Well I'm 'happy' with my purchases BUT not happy as why it's so much more expensive in Canada to buy the same cosmetics. If it was reasonable i would have left the store with more, exciting things. Who knows..I will probably lemm for it and get it next time I'm there. (I live upstairs from the mall) so there is a big possibility!!!

until next time BISOUS


  1. hi i was wondering what shade are you in the luminous silk foundation? im ordering online so i need some shade reference ^.^
    thanks hun!!

  2. living upstairs from the mall will be a very bad idea for me. I wouldn't have money left to pay for my place to live in.