Tuesday, 18 May 2010


As you all know I am trying to sell my makeup since Im trying to move, and so I am doing this in baby steps. I feel very overwhelmed by selling everything all at once, so please have patience with me! ^^

So here are the rules I guess for my mini Nars sale part one.
Please send $ first, I only accept paypal.
Only sending to US, UK, and East Asia.(Singapore, HK, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, China,Taiwan)
I am quoting in US dollars
Flat rate shipping (registered) is $5.00 US (unfortunately it just costs more for me to ship from Taiwan)
First come first serve basis, and please correspond with me first.
DUOS- $15 USD, Singles $10 USD (pretty good condition) (used less then 5 times)
Thank you!

Here goes!

South Pacific SOLD, Persepolis SOLD Island Fever (duo)(SOLD)

April Fools(SOLD), Elsa(sold), Caravaggio(sold) (duo)

Grenadines(SOLD), Lulu(SOLD), (singles)

Demon Lover (duo)SOLD
Merci Beaucoup !!

Please correspond with me through my email : cathy889@hotmail.com

ciao bellas!

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