Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Welcome to my blog....

Yeah! so let's get started.... this is my second attempt at a blog, and I think it shall be easier for me to update my blog instead of make videos. Just letting ya'll know that this will be about makeup mostly and food, so please don't take me too seriously, If you are visiting from Youtube! thanks and I love all my friends i've made on YT


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  1. hey kathy.... love your videos... i live in san diego CA... i am soon going to move to mexico , Queretaro, very nice place.... i am going to get married and we are sending everything away (in huge boxes) to my new home...
    mmm and .... i like the fact that you have such a varity of products.... even though i cant buy any of the products you buy because mac and nars is too expensive for me and i dont own a credit card to buy anything online... but for some reason i enjoy watching what makeup and stuff you buy....
    so I was watching your videos of your organizers... and you said you have stuff you dont need.... and that no one wanted to swap with you... well ... hehe! i was wondering , then you should give it away to me... please please!!! <3<3<3 i once open an account on makeup alley to swap for some things i dont use... but everyone just seemed to have expensive stuff there and all i had was some avon stuff.. so i ended up deletingn my account.... so now i dont have many thing to swap with you but i make beaded jewlery and if you want i could send you an email with pictures of what i have... and we could exange .... what do you say...... please think about it yeah.... I REALLY LOVE WHAT YOU HAVE <3!
    oh and my name is ALMA and im 20 my birthday is in march 22 so im excited see what presents im going to get.... and im getting my vacation pay check soon and my husband said i could spend it all for my self... since we have to save money for the wedding of 300 people!!!! OMG so i am more than glad to help him with money because when we move to mexico im not going to work, only him so i am pleased to help him with money now that i can for our wonderful life together... im so happy !!
    sorry this is too long just wanted to share some stuff with you so you get to know me better and OMG you have so much makeup and stuff... so my email is please think about it yeah!!! LOVE<3<3~~~