Thursday, 22 January 2009

Blush Heaven

Sooo..IM bummed about posting this twice. Here goes...! attempt #2. So like I've said in my youtube videos, that I will be posting some items and review some items here on blogger and that I sometimes won't include all the products I hauled in my youtube videos just so I can post it here. I think that's a nice way of telling the ppl that see my blogs some special items and such! So periodically I will review and post some items that I won't on youtube, because it's much easier to update here and it's harder to make the video and upload on YT. Well anyways, as I always tend to ramble.... I got 2 blushes besides my major haul today. I got a low end and a high end

I got Maybelline Pure Mineral blush in Soft Mauve. I was first interested because of a fellow youtuber Lollipop26. She said these blushes are soo natural and fresh looking that when I saw them at Plaza ( Finally there are being sold in taiwan!!!!) I couldn't help but get excited! I picked up another one but I haven't opened it yet. The finish is nice and soft, and very easy to blend. It comes with a baby kabuki brush, which i might toss, and I also find the pigmentation not so.... concentrated if that's the right word. In all I love this product so thank u lollipop26! for showing this to us, and I will use it as a base for all my other blushes as it's the most natural flush evar!

Ok next thing I got was more $$$ It's the new Maquillage Face Creator palette in #11. They also come in a lot of other colours but this was the one that caught my eye, plus this is the one that Anna Tsuchya uses. It's a great concept and product! It has a highlighting powder for browbone and cheeks, and undereye highlighting powder, a base blush colour, and highlight blush colour, and a contouring powder. I LOVE this product because it's great for it has 5 products and one...and the case is really cute isn't it? sooo 2 thumbs up for the Shiseido Maquillage face creator, u know i might go and get the other colours, and the other eye palettes that's out for spring..... it all looks so delicious... ESP the cream shadows.!

That's it for now !!! dearies!


  1. The face creator palette looks great.
    So many uses contained in such a nice compact.

  2. I love that shiseido pallete... its so complete and gorgeous colors... maybe you could give away the mini kabuki brush instead of tossing it away (???)... so i hope you read my other comment about my idea for you hehe <3 maybe I could buy you something you can't get over there... love <3

  3. I LOVE MAQuillAGE :) I get it online since I live in the states and the prices are ridiculously increased, but its worth it! I just wish they kept Misaki Ito as a spokesmodel though :( She was my fave.

  4. I don't like the inside design of the maquillage palette! It makes it look cheap. I have a shimmer face powder(if that's how you call it) from maquillage, liking it!

  5. hi cathy!

    love you on youtube!!!
    just wanted to say hi :)

  6. I've been watching your videos and I enjoyed them alot! Glad to know you have a blog as well. Hopefully to see more posts :)

    And you are my NARS queen!!! it's great to have someone to share NARS obsession with :P

  7. 你好!love your haul vides on youtube!!!