Sunday, 15 March 2009


Hi guys...sorry for the no show in blogs lately. I am super busy as always and I'm thinking about switching you know how hard it is to switch jobs right now.. *sigh* anyways I got 2 new things that I've wanted to share with all of you that I haven't mentioned on my YT channel yet.


ok the name is cheesy and the concept is something we've all seen but I love it. It comes in 3 colours, purple, green and black .I purchased the black one because you all know me, I love blackish colours. It has 3 co-ordinating colours and what's fantastic is that it comes with a gel liner. The gel liner is super pigmented and glittery and has awesome pigmentation.

#2. Integrate lipgloss
The new one from the spring collection and it has the best applicator ever! It's silicone and it's super soft, bendable, and rubbery. I hope all other companies jump on the bandwagon and make this kind of applicator..I am loving it! The gloss isn't fantastic, but it's not sticky, it's light, and it's quite pigemented. The colour selection is quite good as well... I like more natural colours and I got it in RD 301. IT's a rosey, caramel colour and for ppl that love neutrals like's perfect combined with the eyes flasher shadow quad.

well missed you all...

1) Im over with the braces, counting the days I can get rid of them.
2) I am going to Korea (hopefully) in april and will do some HAULIN' there! ( and nab a hot korean dood along the way! tee hee)
3) I'm trying to find a new job, and that's one of the reasons I haven't been online much, trying to get a job at a hot new restaurant opening up in Taipei.. I'll let u all know if I get the job.
4) My health hasn't been so hot lately, I have a lot of stress, and digestion problems due to stress, so I'm trying to take it easy.
5) been trying to organize my life....that's all!



  1. caffy, take it easy~ how can you find jobs if your health is in bad shape right?

  2. Good luck with finding a new job.
    Take some time out for yourself to de-stress.
    Good health is one of the most important things you've got.
    Without it, you can't do much.
    Love the eyeshadow palette!
    Do you think the liner will dry out?

  3. love the colour of integrate gloss! good luck with the job related stuff, hope you get what you want soon, i'm always thinking of switching jobs too. haha.

  4. good stuff!

    love your new lip gloss


  5. Thanks for review. I definitely have to try this lip gloss when I go back to Thailand this summer. ^_^

    pls visit my blog if you have time. I just get started.

  6. I wish you good luck on getting a new job at that hot restaurant in Taipei! ;)

    Maybe I'll come there to eat your food once I visit Taiwan again, hehe...

  7. Thank you for following our blog Caffy! I also follow you on youtube. Hehe.. :D

    The lipgloss looks really nice. I'm also a big fan of neutrals and it would be great for school and work. C:

    I wish you good luck on getting the job!

    ♥ Milk