Tuesday, 1 December 2009

I am now obsessed!!!


OMG OMG OMG I'm so happy with this stuff! Cuz it's so cheap well kind of ( korea is still cheaper then Taiwan) I am loving the gel liner in secret black! It's waterproof and emotion proof and I can use it on my waterline.. I'm going to do a full review later but now I'm going to get my hair washed. ( it's a taiwanese thing to wash your hair at the salon every other day hehe cuz it's so cheap!) toodles and love yas!



  1. can't wait to read the review and picture ;)
    i do the same thing everytime i go home to Indonesia. never wash my hair at home, always went to salon...haha...it's cheap and they give good massage!! i think it only cost like 5 usd ;D

  2. Yesh! Etude is also my latest obsession as well. Cant wait to go to korea in Jan. Im gonna go Etude crazy!!! Cant wait to see ur review xoxo


  3. I am obsessed too..
    Just that it's so freaking expensive over ebay and other stuff..
    The oil cleanser (pink one) costs 32$!! WTH...


    I want to see your reviews, pretty pleaseee! :D

  4. your videos have gotten me convinced that i definitely need to stop by etude house when i visit taiwan next month. i can't wait to see what they have. oh, and i might have to go get my hair washed, too. it's so much fun with the massage and they usually give you some kind of tea or drink, too. i love it!