Friday, 4 December 2009

Majolica Majorca

The following pics are from Rouge Deluxe sorry my internet is too crappy to upload anything at the moment.

These are the items I got from the holiday MJ collection. Wow MJ is really hit or miss..the model looks so... trashy? for lack of a better word... reminds me of those jack the ripper prostitute in the white chapel area. LOL.. Sorry i haven't been known to be a good "describer"

ANYHOO I got the secret lingerie body cream. It's delicious smells kinda fruity and florally at the same time.It reminds me of "silver dusk" remember that shimmery powder that MAC has? That was my first Mac product ...wonder if they still have it.
Then I got the powder, it's very light and it has a slight shimmer to it. Will look forward in using these for the upcoming holiday season. Why do marketers always think that holiday collections must use shimmer? Hmm..why can't I wear shimmer in the summer? Well that's another post! But only 3 stars for these products as they aren't really something to write home about...

nights babies


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