Monday, 15 August 2011


This is my 30th bday cake.... Sigh im getting old...

Sorry It has been so long. It's been one FULL year. I'm writing this as I've been in Singapore for one year.

My thoughts? I love Singapore..but there have been some shady moments. ANYHOO

My good friends came from Taipei to visit me and I was so happy as it was my Singapore anniversary. We went to Marina Bay Sands, and it was a lot of fun, we went shopping then we went to New Asia (bar) in Swisshotel. Next week im going back to Taipei for a 2 week much needed vacation. What am I gonna do there? go shopping and eating of course.

Mainly i need to stock up on masks and cosmetics and food because it's uber expensive here in Singapore.




  1. Glad you're back~ You're B'day cake is SO cute. Haha.

    I hope you have fun shopping back in Taipei~

  2. Happy belated birthday Cathy! Hope you have lots of fun in Taipei n don't forget to do a haul ok :)

  3. Happy belated birthday! Hope you have a great time!

    I've never been to Singapore, nor lived abroad - well, unless you consider Bavaria abroad, living there as a Northern German.. which you kinda could, lol ^^
    Do you have an idea how long you'll stay in Singapore in the future?

    Anyhoo, wish you a great vacation!
    xx, espresso (you might have seen me as flexiplnt on your youtube now and then)

  4. Glad you're able to blog ^_^ I enjoy watching your vids as well so it's all good hehehe. ttyl oxox