Saturday, 29 August 2009

A lil bit of Nars and a lil bit of MAC = a lot of LOVE

HI babies!!! ( that's a term of endearment for all my friends)
Ok I strolled over to Nars today cuz I was in the area..and I promised myself that I would calm down this season until anniversary sale BUT I GUESS I WAS WRONG. I bought 2 things from Nars today cuz I just couldn't resist. After watching Lollipop26's blog I needed and dreamed of getting my hands on FEZ single eyeshadow. I didn't get it last time was because it was too similar to Galapagos. I WAS WRONG.!!!! Remember how much I love Dior Beige Massai 705? the Middle gorgeous bronzey colour? I was upset that it was a limited quad..but now FEZ has replaced that because it's an exact dupe of that gorgeous deep warm bronze colour. I love it to death. !! Another thing I got was the Irresisteblement bronzer. I thought Laguna and Casino are always the popular ones and I guess the new guy needs some lovin' right? It's a more natural bronzer, like a Terracotta glow. It reminds me of Guerlain's terracotta bronzer, but more of a natural bronze glow without massive amounts of pearlescent in it. For me as part albino, bronzers are hard to find, but I definately give this one 2 thumbs up. It warms up my cool skintone, and it's light with just the right amounts of "bronze" also none of that shimmer that I hate in the summer.

THEN I hopped on over to see and still didn't want to get anthing from the MAC MAC collection. Too colourful for my tastes. BUT what did catch my eye was the MA's perfectly contoured eyes. I asked her what she used and she took the time and did my makeup!! There I bought Espresso, and a new Starflash shadow in Grand entrance. The reason I got these two was how you can create the perfect contoured eye with a dark shade and then a shimmery shade. Espresso is a dark , coffee grounds matte eyeshadow. The Grand Entrance eyeshadow is a highly shimmery toasty hazelnut shade. I love them. Then since I got my botox done again yesterday my face was feeling very swollen and I got the mineral skinfinish natural in medium dark. THIS IS THE PERFECT CONTOURING POWDER/BRONZER. This reminds me of a more wearable LAGUNA minus all the shimmer. I love this..... I am in love... This powder is great cuz it's not that dull matte powder. It's the perfect shade of us pale girls but it has a slight sheen to it! all in all im in love. I also got some fabulous new lashes. Lashes makes me happy! The one thing that can cure my sadness sometimes is if I get a new kickin' pair of flirtateous lashes like these.. *sigh* now it's time to make more money so I can feed da habit. Love u all!!! and please check out my videos on YT for more updates and tutorials and also reviews.

Wan An..... XOXO



  1. New follower here! Love all your items. And yes we need to work hard so we can feed the make up habit. :)