Monday, 31 August 2009

So here ya go!!!

I know some of you guys must wonder ...what I look like and what kind of stuff I do other then work, and make youtube videos!! So as requested!..I shall put up some of my recent photos out and give u all more a lil info on Caffy!!!

Photo of me and Theresa ( my coworker and flatmate..well tenant if u wanna be accurate) and Ben my good friend from HK.

Connie and Tina my 2 good friends at SPARK being silly wearing glasses.

Oh...Clive, Thomas and Theresa and MOI at Barcode having a drink..and me looking mighty tipsy ;-)

here's some more info about me..randomness if u will....

Name: Caffy
Age: 28 oh shucks..Im' old and I look it I know I know...*cough cough*
Job: Pastry chef
Ppl I admire: My parents, Michael Jackson, Francois Nars, Joel Robuchon(of course)and Ferran Adria.
Things that pisses me off: Ppl that have absolute no common sense. Princess Disease.Spoiled girls that are GOLD Diggers!
Phone of choice: Iphone! <3
Shoes: Gucci!! of course la....
Makeup: Nars! <3 my one love. ( esp. Surabaya, and night breed)
Fav kind of Ice cream: Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia.
Kinda guys I like: hmm... I prefer HK guys!! loh.. that are funny <3 keke
Kinda girls I like to hang out with: easy-going is key!!!! if u wanna be in my crew u gotta be chill <3
Thing I'm most afraid of: being paralyzed and cockroaches.
Thing that I'm most proud of: being an aunt to my babies Megan and Chloe.
Greatest Acheivements: graduating C.I.A and Le Cordon Bleu ;-p
Most embarrasing moment: Getting drunk at UNI and falling asleep in the bushes by the beach.
Favourite fruit: Peaches and nectarines. I'm a stone fruit kinda person. Oh and Mangoes. did u know??? that mangoes are in the pistachio family???
Favourite phrase: Common sense is not so common eh?
Place I want to visit: Singapore and Korea.
Place I want to end up again: I wanna work back in Hawaii. Alan Wong's again!
Favourite movie: LOTR I'm a TOTAL nerd like that.

that's all for now kids... i'll add on more to each blog entry! hope I didn't bore ya!



  1. Haha, Princess disease! I hate that too!! :P
    This was fun to read!! :D

  2. I had no idea that mangoes are in the pistachio family.
    I like both!
    Great fun facts about you.