Tuesday, 1 September 2009

OH gosh........

So today I went out with my friends Katie and Kenny that came from HK !!! Welcome to Taiwan ah!! (their first time) as I was waiting for them to arrive I went to this HUGE azz beauty supply store. Think the size of a grocery store... and there I saw it.

Fresh Light in Egoist Pink. This is the dye I've been thinking about getting..and then I decided I might as well. Never tried this kinda colour before right? In addition I got some Strawberry Frappe and White Grape Biore Nose Strips. Fun flavours huh?? ...


I left my purchases in the taxi. SO UPSET. Even tho the grand total was onl 300NT dollars. I'm still bummed. When I went back later today found out I bought the LAST box. So all in all..Caffy doesn't have pinky hair. YET.



  1. aww.. I'm sorry to hear that =/
    I hate it when that happens!!
    the egoist pink is uber pretty tho!!!

  2. That really sucks.
    I hope you are able to find that hair color again.
    The strawberry and grape biores sound like fun.
    We never get things like that in the US.

  3. I'm sorry to hear that! Hope they restock it soon.

  4. Sorry to hear. :( Darn, I was waiting to see a review of this and the pink hair!!! Maybe next time! Hopefully you will find some soon. Good luck. :)

  5. AH! I hate it when that happens. I'm sure you'll get something great coming right back to you soon, to make up for it.