Saturday, 12 September 2009

Another night out celebrate my new job of course! woohoo..more details to come but I'll tell u more on monday ;-p To celebrate I went with my hunnie Agnes to 18 again for a drink and some major dancing!! here are da pics...

Oh..and please check out my new eyeshadow tutorial "Nars Brumes" if ya got time!!!

I"m not so good at making tutorials... but I'll try my best!

me and Agnes

Me trying not to look bitchy!!! heyz i was tired!!

I wish I could upload more pics. My internet is too damn slow!!!


  1. I don't think you look bitchy! XD Haha. You look sophisticated. The new hair color really suits you!

    Cheers to your new job!

  2. I love the outfit & your purse!! Who is the purse made by? I'm looking for one just like that... so pretty!