Wednesday, 9 September 2009

hi Babies

So.... I was very nervous so I took my mind off studying and practicing and decided to watch CRIMINAL MINDS, my favourite TV show. I LOVE the premise of this series and I know im not really "girlie" and into shows like Gossip Girl and True Blood, but I am loving this. This is probably my fantasy of being a criminal profiler or a forensic scientist. SIGH..another thing about the show is that fact that I have a major crush on Matthew Gray Gubler.

yeap there he is mah future hubby... and okay Shemar Moore aint to shabby either!

tee hee... other then that.. I'm lemming to buy more cosmetics. BUT i'm trying to save up to go to Hong Kong to see my family. >.< I really want to get Gosh Lip Jam in 101 and i can't find it ANYWHERE.... I want to find someone who wants to swap with me... IM going to run out soon and I NEED this so bad. haha


  1. thomas gibson isn't bad either. ;) but seriously, i love that show, and it isn't for the eye candy. i love how it can be so suspenseful even if you know who the bad guy is. and it really takes you into the mind of the unsubs.

  2. I KNOW!! Thomas Gibson is a cutie too! I can't wait for the 5th season.... the reaper! oh no!