Tuesday, 8 September 2009


3 more days and it's my big test at "R" I hope I pass. I don't know why im stressing out so much about it. OK I will think positively. Today I went for brunch at Formosa Regeant and it was mediocre. Thomas and Wayne and Theresa. Then I went to Mirada, to get my BELOVED Egoist PINK hair dye. Woohoo.. I can't wait to try it out! Then we came home and Theresa helped me clean up my apt and she took some food back home. I'm gonna miss her around here, and she's been such a wonderful friend. I love you Theresa!!!!!! Hopefully in the near future we can all be roomies once again.

Hey Ya'll wish me luck!!!! I must go study now... toodles!!!!

some pics of moi!

me and my beloved Theresa goofing off in 18

isn't she such a cutie?????

so we fell asleep together......


  1. cool, you got the hair dye again. your puppy is so cute! and good luck on your test at R. I'm sure you'll do great!

  2. Good luck on your test!! Awe, such a cute doggie. Can't wait for the update on the pink hair!! woohoo!! :)

  3. Caffy! Good luck on the test!! I'm sure you'll ace it ;) And that dog is so cute!! I wanna steal him!!! haha

  4. Good luck on the test! Can't wait to see what that pink hair looks like.