Friday, 11 September 2009

New Hair Colour!!!

OK!!! I won't tell you the result of my I"m not really sure, and I don't want o jinx it! ;-p Will tell u monday tho..

but i got new hair!! as in hair colour...

Fresh Light-Egoist Pink

Ta da..but I don't see any pink. bleh I still love it! My mum does too!

i dunno why it looks like I gotta bald spot?


  1. Very pretty hair color!
    Your hair is nice and shiny too.

  2. Ooh. Nice color :]

    Btw, I stopped by TJmaxx today to just browse and spotted a slew of new Essie nail polishes they had for cheap. I found one of 'guchi muchi puchi!' It's such a lovely color. It's similar to my OPI mod about you BUT so much smoother to apply and w/ a more warm pink undertone. I love it! Thanks for mentioning it in your vid :]

  3. Wow! I love it! I sort of see a pink glow too it after looking at it for a while. lol but none the less very pretty!!!

  4. You make me wanna dye my hair too! I've one more box left on the shelf. My hair is falling like crazy... 4th month after delivering the baby, see?