Thursday, 17 September 2009

Creamy Chicken Gravy and BISCUITS!!!

I dunno what's wrong with me! I am loving these cooking tutorials. So here's my next challenge today. Easy creamy chicken and stove top buttery biscuits. I also made 2 videos about it on my youtube channel! Feel free to comment, and give me some opinions, advice, because I rarely do cooking demos. For me cooking is work, baking is work, and doing videos about it makes me feel like I'm working, but homestyle cooking relaxes me, so no you won't find me doing Michelin star work..but just simple home cooking. enough of me babbling! here are the pics! please give me some feedback. If you want me to stop making these type of videos let me know. !!

bisous! C


  1. Will have to catch up on your cooking tutorials on YT over the wknd, I just feel as if 24hrs in a day just isn't enough LOL!

    I like your variety of video's, its nice to share cooking tips/recipes other than just the topic of makeup, so please continue with your cooking tutorials :)

  2. I am LOVING your cooking videos, girl!! I'm planning to try out the spicy chicken dumplings one tomorrow!! *wants to impress the family...they think I am a hopeless cook* :}

    Keep 'em coming!!!

    <3 Lina

  3. try it out! im sure you'll be great!

  4. will definitely try to make this when i have time to get the ingredients. i have pretty much only the salt. ;)