Thursday, 10 September 2009

So this is it.

The day before my test. Just share with u some photos yet again. I don't know what else I can really talk about.

this is a tart i made LONG time ago... this is to show I've really grow haha...

omg I was 23 years old...

the reason i post this is cuz...I have really come a long way! haha...

one day I will post pics of my more proud moments professionally... but for now! u can see the stuff I made when I was just starting out!

ok nows....wish me luck once again. LOVE U ALL!

xoxo bisous


  1. Oh my your cakes and tart looks scrumptious!!

  2. I always think pastry chefs are so freaking talented. I have always dream of becoming one. I love baking. It's so therapeutic to me.

  3. That's amazing! I miss being in culinary. I went to culinary school when I was 19 but I havent baked since then =(.

  4. You can tell you love what you do. Good luck!

  5. it's so fresh to see you like this! really inspiring post!:) xx

  6. The tart looks delicious and the cake is beautiful.
    You are very talented!
    Can't wait to see more pictures.

  7. I'm awestruck, you're very talented!

  8. Tart looks pretty okay... I think it'll look even nicer when served as a slice. Ooo... with ice-cream by the side?... I'm drooling!
    I LOVE the cake! It's so elegant and classy! Hahaa... just like my wedding gown! I'm not kidding... I should show you my gown.